Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moving Day

Well, I will admit, having lots of boxes in the house was kind of fun.  I got to explore the tunnels they made, and sniff many new things.  But I was still pretty scared that they were going to leave me behind.  The night before it all happened, my parents put me into a cage.  I didn't like it one bit.  I was really scared, because my Mom and Dad had never put me in a cage before.  I wanted to go back to my room!  But they didn't listen to what I wanted.  They brought the cage into a part of the house I hadn't been in before, though.  That just made me want to get out more.
On the day of the move, there were lots of people around, taking all of my stuff!  All of my lovely boxes were disappearing!  I really wanted out now!  But I was stuck.  The next thing I knew, I was being packed into the car, which was really full of boxes and things.

The ride was very long.  I dozed off, groomed myself, and waited.  The bottle of water attached to the side of the cage was leaking as we went through the mountains.  I had to sit in my litter box so my feet wouldn't get wet.  I don't think Mom and Dad realized what had happened.  Finally, we stopped.  I was glad, because I wanted to be on solid ground again.  I don't like car rides.

Dad carried me and my cage into a motel room - at least I think that's what it was called.  They put my cage on the floor of the bathroom, but didn't let me out.  Mom cleaned up the spilled water on my cage floor, though, so I could get out of the litter box.  That was good.  I was happy to not be in the car anymore.  Mom gave me some fresh food, which I ate up quickly.  They put a towel over my cage so I would have some privacy, and I spent the night happily flopped out.

The next day, we were off again.  I wasn't excited to load into the car, but hoped it wouldn't be for too much longer.  It was cold outside as Dad carried me and my new home.  I still didn't like being in the cage, but at least I felt safe and secure.  The ride was a lot shorter this time, but my water leaked again.  Mom noticed when we made a short stop and put some newspaper down to soak it up.  Mom takes good care of me.

We got to our new home, and I was unloaded and brought inside.  Everything smelled new and different.  I couldn't wait to get out and explore!

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