Wednesday, January 4, 2012

About Me

Well, I guess I should start at the beginning of my story.  That's a good place to start, I hear.

I am a Holland Lop rabbit, and I was born in the early part of 2009.  I don't remember exactly when my birthday was, so I just go by what my parents tell me.  I was born so that I could be sold as an Easter bunny at a pet store.  I don't remember much about my brothers and sisters, or my rabbit family.  It's hard to think back that far.

I do remember that I was in a pet store for a while, and I didn't like it.  There were lots of other young rabbits there with me, and it was fun to be with them.  But I got picked up a lot by people who didn't know that I don't like that.

I ended up in a little kid's Easter basket, at least that's what I think it was called.  Again, it's hard to remember back that far, and it wasn't a very nice time.  I was picked up a lot, even dropped a couple of times.  It made me scared.  So, I won't talk about that part.

After a long while, I was dropped off at the animal shelter.  I didn't like it there, either.  One day, close to Christmas, I met my Mom and Dad.  They put me in Mom's arms, and it felt really nice.  She was very gentle and kind, I could tell.  So was Dad.  They talked softly to me, and I wasn't as scared with them.

They brought me home and showed me my new room!  It was a big place compared to what I was used to.  It took a little while to be comfortable there, but it was so nice to have a real family!

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